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OOZ Črnomelj združuje 457 članov, ki se priporočajo  s svojimi izdelki in storitvami!!

Območna obrtno - podjetniška zbornica Črnomelj
ul. 21. oktobra 10
8340 Črnomelj

tel.: 386 7 356 70 70










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After a peripatetic background tour of Vine Street my cell phone finally rang.

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Help Center Press Center Contact Us Site Map A cell phone, iPod and calculator, all belonging to a student at Millburn High School, were stolen Tuesday, May 25. rent an apartment in shanghai Abuses Staff at Guccis flagship store in Shenzhen, China, are said to have been treated so badly that they suffered miscarriages. And her positives have continued slipping since the fall when Ivan Moore found 68 percent approval in September and Research 2000 found 65 percent in October. apartment shanghai rent for lunch and dinner, and the owners have also started catering from both locations. Desta forma, criamos um modelo padronizado para uma sociedade robtica, portanto, nossa gerao est em permanente caminho horizontal que, ao mesmo tempo, no se identifica com as geraes anteriores e tambm no consegue se relacionar com alguma idia de nossa cultura contempornea.

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And they certainly didnt do so out of support for Steinbrenner, who was never one of the more popular figures in their club.










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